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The Full Story


We have often desired help to achieve our goals and the many ideas we have had over the years. More often than not, we didn't find it. Over time, we have met some pretty amazing people with Big DREAMS and a lack of resources to make them happen. We often did what we could to help these Change Agents fulfill their purpose and meet their goals. Now, through Graceful Restoration, we intend to enhance this process to see people and entities coming together to restore hope to the broken everywhere in the world.

NYC Skyline BW


To assist and release Change Agents in local communities to bring hope, help, and healing through community.

By doing this, those who desire to face the challenges of the world, will will do so by activating their dreams. We aim to operate with a spirit of excellence, full of integrity, consistent hard work, and creative solutions to see dreams come alive. Taking practical steps toward achieving the goals set forth by you, the Change Agent, you will be released to go change the world.


How different would it be if we were to see life breathed into dreams, practical needs fulfilled and Change Agents released into the nations.​

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